Nails byTracy  - Minx! Extending Fashion to your fingertips
Nail Artist for 19 yrs, CND Certified Master Nail Tech for 14 yrs,  Certified Minx Professional
 I was the first to introduce Pink & White Acrylic Nails to Lawrence, KS & specialize in Custom blended Pink & White  & Designer "French" Acrylic Nails. ( Now called glitter or sparkle acrylic nails) With endless choices to choose from & all with my distinct signature smile lines.
 First to offer  the latest High Fashion trend for  natural nails, toes & nail enhancements. Minx & European foils
I have made a name for myself in Lawrence & through out the US.  My level  of creativity, attention to detail,  professionalism & dedication to staying current on sanitation, education & the latest trends will make you proud to say
 "Tracy Styles my Nails"
 Tribute to our Dad,
Wayne Meisenheimer &
our family  business
My Dad began his journey as a barber in 1958 following in his father's footsteps, then took a break & joined the Navy to serve his country as a radar specialist. Oddly enough he did cut hair while in service, but that wasn't his assignment. Once his tour was over our family moved to Lawrence in 1965 & my dad started working as a barber in the location where our family salon now is.
My dad being a progressive thinker & business man knew that in order to compete with the beauty salons in the 70's when men started getting perms he'd have to expand his business to offering Cosmetology services.
Hillcrest Styling Center is the only hair business in Lawrence that is licensed for both Barbers & Cosmetologists.
My brother, is a licensed cosmetologist  with barbering skills taught to him by dad. Mike & I have worked with our father building a business that we are proud of. The beauty business has been & still is, a family tradition & our heritage that goes 3 generations deep. My Grandfather was a barber & Grandmother* was a beautician each owning their own businesses.
*Fun note, my grandmother aka "Tommy" was also one of the real life infamous female professional baseball players. The movie A League of their Own acknowledged, celebrated & gave credit to all the women that stepped out of the box & played a "mans" game & did it well.
As a child I loved going to beauty trade shows where I 'd run off to the "nail" section. fascinated with the creativity I knew that one day I wanted to be a nail stylist.
I have two beautiful children that are my life & may want to continue on with & expand our family tradition in the business.
The nail industry has come a long way since those days & I am proud to have been a part of it now for 19 years.
Earning my CND Masters Certification 14 years ago &
this past August 2010 being the first Certified Minx nail stylist in the state of Kansas. I was trained & Certified in West Hollywood by Naja, celebrity manicurist, Minx Master & Lady Gaga's personal nail stylist.
Being a progressive thinker like my father, I have continued to search out & add on new services that aren't offered in Lawrence or in the State of Kansas yet.
Rest in Peace Dad
April 29, 1938 to Dec 24, 2010
Early morning on Dec 24, 2010
our Dad, Wayne passed away at home in his
easy chair peacefully
It's never easy to lose a loved one, Mike & I were blessed to be a part of our dads life almost daily at work.
Dad touched many lives and with all the heart felt condolences with fun, tender & life changing memories shared, just goes to prove that our Dad left an incredible legacy & touched countless lives of which some we didn't know until now.
 Thank you to everyone that has shared with us how Dad touched your life & with your memories
new & old.
God Bless